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13 Sins Every Homebuilder Must Avoid

Brian Flook, MIRM

Are you sitting down? I’m about to share with you an industry statistic that, as a new homebuilder, you absolutely have to acknowledge. No more pretending it doesn’t apply to you. Forget about thinking it’s an over-inflated number. And if you believe ignoring the significance of this statement really doesn’t play into the bigger picture you’re dead wrong. Are you ready?

90% Of Every New Home Sale Originates Online

This is just the honest truth. There is no other tool in your arsenal that is more important than your website. I can hear you some of you now—“Brian, that’s just not accurate! Our model homes sell our properties better than anything else!” Really? Well how do you think those buyers initially found your beautiful models? That’s right…

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Your buyers know more about good design than you do

Mollie Carmichael & Isabell Kerins

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a builder is to underestimate how important good design is to your buyers. From first time to luxury buyers, they are all immersed in, Pinterest, HGTV and more shelter magazines, and home fashion catalogues than you ever knew existed. They’re creating their own personal “look books” on Houzz and Pinterest for inspiration. If they are looking to remodel or buy new, you can bet that they are surfing these websites for the latest and greatest trends in design. If their style is modern, they can search “modern kitchens” on Houzz and 2,330,367 examples in photos are at their fingertips. If they search “white kitchens” you’re rewarded with 881,347 photos – a good indicator of the popularity of white on white kitchens! Another indicator of how obsessed we’ve become with interior design and style is the popularity of home furnishing and accessory stores. When I first began merchandising model homes in the early 90’s, if I needed to pick up some accessory items the only options were Garden Ridge Pottery or Pier One Imports – and the choices were limited. Today we have dozens of excellent, affordable retail sources for art, accessories, lamps and furniture. Continue reading