Creating a “Disney World” Customer Experience

Dave Reagan is a very successful homebuilder and remodeler. He’s also a dad who enjoys spending time with his family, having taken his family to Disney World nine times in past few years. During his many visits, Dave has been continually impressed with the way Disney treats its guests and the experience that they create, and this has influenced how Reagan Homes engages their customers and clients.

“It’s all about the client,” says Reagan. “Creating the experience of a lifetime for our clients is a key component to our success. We want to create a Disney World experience for them when we build or remodel their home.”

How does he craft that positive customer experience?  Here are some of the points Dave teaches:

It all starts from having the right attitude and enthusiasm.
“We all need to be inspired, and the same goes for the people looking to build or remodel their home. It is up to us as leaders inspire confidence and show them the path to their desired outcome. We need to demonstrate to them that we can improve their lives and certainly make it fun and exciting to work with us.”

Create the right relationships, have processes and systems in place.
If you have the right people in place, and then create processes that streamline communications and operations, then your business becomes instantly more manageable. Reagan leans heavily on Text Messaging as a primary communication method; it’s fast, brief, and avoids lengthy meetings or conversations that accomplish little. Using these processes, Reagan is able to run his $3 million business in only about 20 hours per week, leaving him more time for family and other endeavors, such as mentoring other builders and contractors. (See

Set realistic expectations early in the process.
“When we speak to clients it is important to get to the heart of the matter. By pre-framing meetings with them and having a sales process that leaves them feeling comfortable, we create a much better experience for all.”

Look past the transaction to improve lives.
“My passion is to give back to others. By helping others succeed I can impact more lives. I love mentoring young adults and have inspired a few to start up a nonprofit, The Thinking Matters Academy, for inner city kids. I spoke at Harvard to a group of students about success. My subject was Mind Set and I shared with them some of the strategies they need to understand to be excellent in their field. It all starts from having the right attitude and enthusiasm. Life will always throw us problems, and it is how we deal with them that will truly measure our success in life. Always remember to help others and give back.”


Dave Reagan offers comprehensive online training programs on how you can become a successful and a more profitable builder in your market. Visit for more information.

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