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Builder Marketing That Doesn’t ‘Suck’

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We’ve received a lot of positive feedback regarding our interview with Mark Stevens, best-selling author of “Your Marketing Sucks”. With that in mind we dug into the BuilderRadio vaults and decided to make this very informative and highly entertaining podcast available to our basic subscribers for a limited time—enjoy!

You keep hearing this, but it’s true:  marketing is a whole new ballgame.  And nowhere is that more true than in builder marketing and new home sales.

In fact, Mark Stevens, this week’s guest and author of the best-selling book, Your Marketing Sucks, describes marketing as a constant “work in progress.  It’s dynamic, always changing.”  Steven’s firm, New York-based MSCO, represents a long list of global companies that illustrate his point – Nike, Estee Lauder, Virgin Air, to name just a few.  These companies are constantly evolving their message – and how it’s delivered in order to hold our interest and keep our trust.  That’s how great brands are built.

Why does your message need to be continually updated? “What worked before doesn’t work now,” says Stevens. Builders have seen that as much as any industry. While builder and real estate ads used to focus on Sunday inserts and real estate magazines, the emphasis is now on your website and social media, because those are now the preferred tools of  homebuyers. Zillow, Houzz, and other directories are making it easier for buyers to shop at will, and the more you understand how these outlets are affecting your sales, the better off you’ll be.

“Marketing is art wrapped in science.  It’s not an initiative; it’s an equation,” explains Stevens. to be truly effective, you marketing needs to be strategic, planned and measured.  Facebook and LinkedIn offer new ways to reach our audience, but are we being strategic in what we post and how we measure results?  “We treat social media as a science.”

Three Keys to Marketing that doesn’t suck:

  1. Always measure ROI. Monitor and measure what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Integrate all marketing with a cohesive theme and message.
  3. Be provocative and aggressive to capture peoples attention.

“Marketing happens throughout the lifecycle,” says Stevens, “so measure everything to get referrals and additional sales.”  For that he’s come up with a formula:  “C + A + M = PG.  Capture new leads, Amplify your message across multiple channels, and Maintain your relationships long-term, and your company will achieve PG – Perpetual Growth.”

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