Top Home Design Trends for 2016

What are the ‘hot’ features home buyers are demanding today – the must-have design elements that will make your home more desirable and valuable to your prospects?  Listen up, because design expert Lita Dirks is about to school us all in the trends she sees that are getting buyers excited.

In this week’s podcast, Lita shares her Top 5 trends and why she feels these are game-changers that should be included in new home designs – and featured in your models and sales centers.

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From The 2016 Top Trends List:

  1. Nature-inspired decor, accessories and finishes
  2. Indoor/Outdoor connectivity
  3. Family entries – not just mudroom or laundry
  4. Islands as the ‘workhorse’ of the home
  5. Personal havens that are created by true ‘flex’ areas
  6. Storage, storage… and more storage
  7. Seamless kitchens with flush cabinetry and ‘hidden’ appliances
  8. “All-Wall” designing that incorporates fireplace walls and ceilings
  9. Bolder ideas with accent walls that show textures and daring patterns
  10. Elements with global reach, like artisan items and tribal patterns.



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