Introducing BuilderRadio Video Express

We’ve taken the time to talk with some faithful BuilderRadio listeners in an effort to improve our offerings. One of the themes frequently mentioned was that although our podcasts are incredibly informative and entertaining, they are simply too long.

Our goal has always been to provide accurate, concise insight you can use to help your homebuilding business sell more homes. We’ve strived to contain our weekly podcasts to roughly 20 minutes, however some have ran as long as 40 minutes.

We asked for comments, and will be making your suggested changes. We understand as a business owner your time is precious—you simply don’t have time to listen to a lengthy podcast from beginning to end.

Beginning in January 2017, we are introducing BuilderRadio video express, a new approach that will deliver the same value but at a quicker pace. Here’s host John Spare introducing Brian Flook to explain this new, innovative concept.

Each interview will now be boiled down to one simple yet important question answered by an expert. Each response will be no longer than 4 minutes—and the answer will definitely help you sell more homes!

BuilderRadio Video Express—Valuable, Expert Insight In Only 4 Minutes—Absolutely Free!

We look forward to continuing to provide the homebuilding industry with current and valuable educational opportunities.

The BuilderRadio Team

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