No Leashes, No Rules—Facing Your Fears With Mary Adams

Mary Adams from Forrest Performance Group joins Quint for this week’s Monday Morning Sales Meeting, and she’s ready to help you face your sales fears!

Mary began her sales career in the trenches of a call center, working the phones and interacting with a wide spectrum of prospects. Now, as Director of Sales with Forrest Performance Group, Mary helps clients understand the importance of “not holding back”, “breaking free” from the self-imposed leashes keeping you from making more sales as well as the importance of implementing a “no rules day”.

You won’t want to miss this high-energy, truly entertaining conversation with one of the best sales trainers and speakers in the building business.

Sales Solve Everything’s Roland Nairnsey

Join Quint as he sits down for a very entertaining, informative and enriching conversation with one of the leading experts in the new home sales industry.

Sales coach, motivator, author and speaker Roland Nairnsey joins BuilderRadio for this week’s Monday Morning Sales Meeting.

Roland has personally achieved over 500 million dollars in home sales and has spent nearly two decades successfully selling and managing new home sales. He has coached several sales teams to exceed customer expectations, and has generated yearly sales totaling well over a billion dollars.

Currently, Roland is a vital member of the Sales Solve Everything team, a unique new home sales training and consulting company offering a robust selection of continuing education classes specifically designed to help homebuilders generate results.

New Guest Host Quint Lears Speaks With BuilderRadio Veteran Scott Stroud

On this week’s Monday Morning Sales Meeting, BuilderRadio’s new Guest Host Quint Lears talks with BuilderRadio alumni Scott Stroud. Find out how Scott’s mentor introduced him to the concept of podcasting, why he feels driven to share his knowledge with other homebuilders and what the future holds. Longtime listeners and those new to BuilderRadio are sure to be educated, informed and entertained by Scott’s thoughtful comments.

Jeff Prager, Cash Flow Engineer

Strategic Thinking for Homebuilders

Strategic Thinking.  It hurts my head even to contemplate.  Yet, like physical exercise, learning to get over the discomfort and discipline yourself to do what you know you should be doing pays big dividends.

“Strategic” – With a purpose or objective in mind.  “Thinking” – engaging your brain to consider what you might not otherwise contemplate.

Really, few of us like thinking about the “what ifs” in life – What if disaster strikes? What if I can no longer work to support my family?  What if the market of the economy tanks?  These thoughts make us uncomfortable, particularly as we enter another boom time for housing.  But smart builders get over their discomfort to think and plan strategically so that they won’t have to experience the discomfort that can come from failing to plan. Listen to Podcast

The Value Of Home Buyer Seminars With Michelle LaBounty

In this week’s BuilderRadio podcast we spend some time with Plattsburgh Housing Outlet’s Michelle LaBounty. Discover the true value of hosting Home Buyer Seminars in order to really educate potential clients on everything to expect when building a new home.

Each year Michelle holds a total of five friendly, no-pressure, meetings for curious homebuyers interested in gaining a true understanding of the process. Learn how these events are crucial in building trust with your prospects.

Marketing Strategies From IBS Award Winner Mitch Levinson

This week BuilderRadio speaks with Mitch Levinson, Managing Partner with Mitch helped create the MIRM curriculum for the National Sales and Marketing Council.

In this podcast Mitch shares his advice and strategies for builders to help move your clients through the sales funnel utilizing the proper marketing initiatives including the most important component of any builder’s marketing program—their website.

What are visitors really looking for when they log on to your website? The answer to this question—and a wealth of other valuable information—is just a click away!

Jeff Shore, Shore Consulting

Jeff Shore’s Closing 2.0

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.48.00 AM


This week on BuilderRadio, our close friend Jeff Shore stops by to discuss his new book and speaking tour “Closing 2.0: How To Close More Sales Faster By Putting The Customer First”.

There’s no place for manipulating, tricking or deceiving your prospects in sales! What’s the key to really improving your closing abilities? Listen to the free podcast to find out.

John Palumbo

The Art of Hypnotic Sales Persuasion

What if you connected on a deeper level with every buyer that comes through the door –  that your prospects were riveted to your every word as you described the benefits of your home and how it meets their every need?  And what if you were able to close buyers more quickly with less negotiation, and your buyers were always delighted with you and their purchase? Listen to Podcast

Mark Stevens

Builder Marketing That Doesn’t ‘Suck’

BuilderRadio Flashback—The Most Popular Podcasts

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback regarding our interview with Mark Stevens, best-selling author of “Your Marketing Sucks”. With that in mind we dug into the BuilderRadio vaults and decided to make this very informative and highly entertaining podcast available to our basic subscribers for a limited time—enjoy! Listen to Podcast