Paul Foresman, from DesignBasics

How ‘Woman-Centric’ Designs Help Sell Homes

This week we’ll hear from design expert Paul Foresman, from DesignBasics, the nation’s leading plan supplier to new home builders. Their research has led a deeper understanding of what women – the primary decision maker in the new home purchase – flip for in new homes. If you make your plans woman-centric, says Paul, your homes will stand out as being more desirable and you’ll have a much better chance of closing the sale. Listen to the podcast, then read online or download the PDF transcript. Listen to Podcast

Brian Flook

Target Marketing: How to Find and Be Found By Your Buyers.

For the first in our Monday Morning Sales Meeting series we have as our guest Brian Flook of Power Marketing, a firm that works exclusively with new home builders and sales organizations. In this phone interview Brian explains the importance of understanding how your buyers shop for a new home so that you can position yourself in their ‘search corridor.’ Listen to our interview with Brian, or download and print the attached transcript. If you like this format, please view the other audio programs available from

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