Phil McShan, Forrest Performance Group

Building Your Personal Brand

Your company’s brand is what people think when they hear the name or see your sign. Your personal brand is what people think and say about you. People buy from people they like and trust, so your personal brand is really as or more important than that of the company because if they don’t connect with you, they will put on the brakes and look elsewhere.

Our job as salespeople is to be the primary source of confidence, motivation, hope and certainty. So what they think and say about us must be positive; we have to inspire their trust. When we do, we build personal brand equity. How can we make sure our personal brand is what it should be? Phil McShan, a national sales coach with Forrest Performance Group, gives some timely and helpful advice on this week’s podcast. Click the ‘Play’ button above to listen.

Highlights from the podcast:

Share your thoughts and feelings.
Salespeople should always remember that it’s all about the customer, not us. But don’t be afraid to share what you think or how your feel about the home, the benefits you offer, or even the reasons why now is a fantastic time to buy – when these are warranted. If your buyers see you as a leader and authority, then they’ll look to you for direction and guidance, and will appreciate your sharing your personal viewpoint. Phil shares how to do this beginning at about 3 minutes in.

Be authentic.
Let them know what you believe in and who taught you that. This is a way to transfer certainty from you to your buyer. Listen to how Phil demonstrates this at the 5-minute mark.

Set an agenda and keep to it.
This establishes you as a leader, sets expectations, removes ambiguity and makes your buyers feel comfortable with the process you will lead them through.

Assume a Leadership role.
Your prospects need leadership, so be the leader. If you’re not leading them through the process discovery and selection process, then it will be hard for them to arrive at the right home. And even you manage to get them there, they will likely not have the sense of confidence to act. Learn how to accomplish this at the 11:36 minute mark.

The cost of failing to build confidence.
Phil shares a recent personal experience that drives the point home at 15:30 minutes in.

Keep your brand alive and relevant.
Listen to how skillfully this is illustrated at 17 minutes in. Learn to do this and your prospects will always look to you as the leader you are!

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