How Culture Affects Your Sales

What does the word culture mean to you?

We hear about people being cultured. In new home sales we are likely to work with people from different cultures and ethnicity. We even work to build a thriving company culture.

But did you know you have a personal culture, and that defining your own cultural habits and biases can help you become a better salesperson?

This week we welcome back culture expert Michael Landers. Michael has a very diverse background himself, growing up in different parts of the world and experiencing other cultures first hand. Micheal works closely with the Shore Consulting to help sales professionals overcome cultural bias and better understand and relate to buyers. His website,, offers help and guidance on how we can bridge cultural gaps to find agreement and common ground.

I’m not posting any notes from the interview with Michael; I feel it’s important that you listen to what he has to say directly from him.

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