Brian Flook, MIRM

The Builder Sales Machine

A BuilderRadio Flashback to one of our most popular podcasts from 2016.

While the digital age has made marketing your business more complex and confusing, there are some basic tools that every business must must use to attract buyers and engage sales. Master these essential elements and you’ll have the makings of a sales machine—a marketing program that will deliver consistent results.

Brian Flook has been delivering just that for Power Marketing’s clients for nearly a quarter century. In this week’s podcast Brian describes the four basic elements of the Builder Sales Machine, and how your marketing can bring in buyers with machine—like predictability.

Notes from the interview:

There are four absolute must-haves for any effective marketing program:

  1. A current and informative website
  2. Search Engine Optimization to direct buyers to your website
  3. An engaging social media presence
  4. An automated system to nurture interest and follow up leads.

I. Your Website
To be effective, your website must be built on current technology so that it loads quickly, functions well, and looks good on all types of devices – computers, tablets and phones. In 2015, 49% of all websites were viewed on a mobile device; in 2016, that number will exceed 50%.

What your site visitors see must be exactly what they were hoping to see – compelling images they can relate to, easy-to-find links to your models/floor plans, and testimonials from other happy customers. Finally, your site must offer compelling reasons for visitors to fill out a form giving you their contact information, or, even better, pick up the phone and call you. If your visitors aren’t giving you a way to keep in contact with them, how can you possibly sell to them?

II. Search Engine Optimization
If your buyers can’t find your site, simply put, you don’t exist. You must promote your site in order for prospects who are actively searching for your product to easily find you. That requires an investment in either SEO or pay per click advertising (PPC). Of the two, SEO is the best choice for long-term results.

Search engine optimization is the science of making sure your site is listed as a resource for the key phrases your buyers search. It’s a detailed process that must be performed by a professional service. It is a marathon, not a sprint. An alternative is to invest in promoting your site through other sources, such as social media, offline advertising, or paid search (pay per click, or PPC). But we highly recommend both. Either way, you’ve got to get in front of your buyers to even have a shot at earning their business.

III.  Social Media
Buyers believe what others say about you more than they believe what you say about yourself. Social media allows those who know you to talk about you, tell others how they feel about you and even share your pictures and posts with others that don’t know you. It’s called ‘social proof’, and it is a powerful tool in building trust. Most builders still find blogging and Facebook to be their most valuable social resource in actually driving sales.

IV.  Marketing and Sales Automation
Think of your business as a machine: the more you streamline and automate each key process in your business, the better and more efficient the machine will run.

The tools of marketing automation include web forms to capture leads, a CRM to keep track of every prospect, an easy way to segment your list based on needs, interests, timing, etc., as well as an automated response system to nurture interest with prospects, notifying you when it’s time to follow up. You can even manage your Customer Appreciation Program automatically. Even if you delegate the clerical part of your marketing to a minimum wage employee, you’ll spend more than you should and receive only substandard results. Automation is the competitive edge every builder must have to gain marketshare while keeping buyers and customers happy. We’ve designed our Easy LeadLocker system to answer those needs for builders of all sizes.


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