Paul Cardis, Avid Ratings

Are Your Customers Happy? Why Not ASK Them!

Have you ever had that ‘customer from hell’ that complains about everything and, no matter what you do, refuses to be satisfied… and insists on smearing your name all over social media? If you haven’t, then count your blessings!

One of the problems is that anyone can say anything on the Internet.  It doesn’t have to be true – there are no ‘web police’ to stop them.  But does that mean that you have to be hostage to the ravings of your disgruntled buyers? Listen to Podcast

Dave Porter, Director, PorterWorks

How to Buy Land Without Getting Burned

We interview Dave Porter, Director, PorterWorks.

What you see is not always what you get. And that is never more true than when buying land on which to build. What you see on above the ground is only a small part of the picture, and it’s not always clear what hidden surprises await you beneath the surface – rock outcroppings, dumped or abandoned materials, hazardous waste, or worse. Then, there are zoning ordinances, codes and restrictions that dictate what you can or can’t build, or even if the land can be built on at all (remember the spotted owl?)!

Dave Porter, Director of PorterWorks, has seen too many land deals go south because of unexpected issues. With decades of experience in mortgage and development lending, Dave now consults with builders and developers on a land negotiations, green building and neighborhood development. He’s created a 54-point checklist for builders and developers of points to consider when looking at property. Every building site must be looked at carefully and individually, but this list will give you an idea of what to look for – and what to avoid – when performing your due diligence.

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Download Dave’s 54-Point Check List here.

Contact Dave Porter at [email protected], or visit his website,

How (and Why) to Choose the Right Builder Software

If you’re not using software to power your marketing, sales, estimating, construction management, work orders, change orders, accounting… then you’re not leveraging some of the most valuable tools at your disposal. For example, does anybody reading this still do their accounting by hand? I didn’t think so – QuickBooks has made it all but ridiculous to do bookkeeping without the aid of a computer.

Well, what QuickBooks has done for accounting, other software products and services are doing for virtually every facet of your business. Whether you build 5 homes per year or 500, or whether you are an owner, manager, marketing or sales rep, automating tasks with today’s software–rather than “doing it by hand”–offers outstanding ROI and can help you sell more, build more, and earn more with less time invested. Listen to Podcast

Kimberly Mackey, New Homes Solutions Consulting

5 Reasons Builders Should Work With Realtors

According to new home sales coach, Kimberly Mackey, working with Realtors is the fastest and easiest way to increase sales. An estimated 80% of all new homes are sold through, by or with help of Realtors. Even so, there’s often a big disconnect between homebuilders and their onsite sales team, and real estate agents. Why?

Realtors and builders approach the sale from two different angles – real estate agents have a responsibility to represent the buyers, and onsite agents represent the builder. So there’s a lack of trust between builders and the outside agents. No trust = no relationships, even though both parties are after the same outcome.

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Elliot Eisenberg, Economist

The Economic Forecast for Homebuilding in 2016

The recession is over and the foreseeable future looks good for the housing market and homebuilders.

That’s the positive message that economists throughout our industry are sharing.  Just this past week, the John Burns report projected a 30% growth in new homes for 2016, with housing starts expected to reach up to 1.5 million.  And while not all experts are that optimistic, most feel that the next few months will see steady improvement, and somewhat clear sailing for homebuilders.

Among them is this week’s guest, Elliot Eisenberg, founder of Graphs & Laughs and publisher of a daily 70-word email on the housing market (subscribe at  In our interview, Elliot addresses the major factors that influence new home sales – the good and the bad – to help builders understand what’s coming, and why.

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Debbie De Grote, Founder, Excelleum

Plan… or Fail – How to plan, set and achieve your sales goals.

Okay, it’s go time. You’ve set some lofty goals for yourself and we’re nearly half way through the year. So, what’s the plan

Likely you set your goals for 2015 at or before the beginning of the year. Are you still on target to reach them? Do you even remember what they were, or have you fallen back into old habits of being reactive instead of proactive? Well, those goals won’t reach themselves, but it’s not too late for you to get it in gear and get back on target. Listen to Podcast

Erik Cofield, Builder Tech Consulting

How To Choose The Right Software

Software companies want you to focus primarily on the software itself, no matter what industry you are in. Many builders also focus on the software system and the features and benefits. But one of the most important features is the company itself. Imagine buying a house without even asking who the builder is, or perhaps, was, as in past tense.

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Jeff Prager, Cash Flow Engineer

7 Steps to Positive Cash Flow

With Jeff Prager, and

7 Numbers.  That’s it.

7 Numbers Book CoverAdmittedly, every business owner deals with many, many more numbers than that every day.  Watching numbers can become all-consuming, particularly if you’re looking for trends and clues as to what to do to better manage and grow your business, or even just stay afloat.  And that’s why we hire accountants, clerks, financial planners, etc. – to keep up with and manage vital numbers.

But there are just 7 Key Numbers that, if monitored and continually adjusted, will result in a more streamlined management process, less time managing, and more consistent and predictable cash flow. Listen to Podcast

Paul Cardis, Avid Ratings

Reputation Management for Homebuilders

Is Your Reputation Better Than You Think?

Not a week goes by when I don’t hear a homebuilder about lamenting the ‘customer from hell’ that is smearing his reputation online.  If it hasn’t happened to you, then your fortunate.

One of the problems is that anyone can say anything on the Internet.  It doesn’t have to be true, there are no ‘web police’ to stop them.  But does that mean that you’ have to be hostage to the ravings of your disgruntled buyers? Listen to Podcast