Personal Growth

How To Leave A Lasting Impact On Your Model Home Visitors

This week, Micheal Flores shares his secrets involving how to glean valuable information from your model home visitors, the importance of inspecting your community and even the impact a well-stocked bathroom can have on your buyers.

Micheal is the NAHB’s 2015 National Sales Rookie of The Year as well as the recipient of the Top Gun Award from Hyland Bay, the national leading new home sales training company.

Don’t miss this truly fascinating podcast as Quint and Micheal discuss how simply listening to what your clients have to say can lead to selling more homes.

Kerry Mulcrone BuilderRadio

Personal Development Advice With Kerry Mulcrone

This week on BuilderRadio Quint welcomes founding member of Building-Me, Kerry Mulcrone.

As an award-winning salesperson, teacher, coach and motivational speaker, Kerry offers an accessible approach to achieving your professional and personal goals. Kerry has presented her unique perspective on positive thinking and personal growth to audiences of all sizes including the International Builders Show and The Women In Residential Conference.

Discover how gratitude, reflection and sincerity can not only help you sell more homes, but also live a deeper, more fulfilling life.

Increase Your Sales And Maximize Your Marketing With Bill Cates

The Monday Morning Sales Meeting welcomes internationally recognized author and motivational speaker Bill Cates to BuilderRadio. Bill has delivered his unique strategies to over 170,000 professionals worldwide, teaching the secret of how to build a thriving referral-based business.

Author of three books, Bill is also the president of Referral Coach International and the founder of The Referral Coach Academy. His programs are filled with powerful content, high energy and, of course, a great deal of fun.

Discover how to increase your sales and maximize your marketing by listening to this highly entertaining must-hear podcast!

Make Yourself Stick In The Brains Of Your Leads

This week’s Monday Morning Sales Meeting features Guinness Record Holder for greatest memory Dave Farrow. A featured guest expert of over 2000 media interviews including The Today Show, Live With Regis & Kelly, Steve Harvey and The Discovery Channel, Dave is the creator of “The Farrow Memory Method”, a unique system backed by a double blind neuroscience study at McGill University.

Dave’s keen understanding of the brain makes him a PR and marketing wizard. Discover how to “stick” in the brains of your prospects and customers. He discusses his system—Push Button Memory— a program in which you can learn how to instantly remember names, facts, numbers, even foreign languages! Discover the hidden talent of your brain in this week’s podcast.

No Leashes, No Rules—Facing Your Fears With Mary Adams

Mary Adams from Forrest Performance Group joins Quint for this week’s Monday Morning Sales Meeting, and she’s ready to help you face your sales fears!

Mary began her sales career in the trenches of a call center, working the phones and interacting with a wide spectrum of prospects. Now, as Director of Sales with Forrest Performance Group, Mary helps clients understand the importance of “not holding back”, “breaking free” from the self-imposed leashes keeping you from making more sales as well as the importance of implementing a “no rules day”.

You won’t want to miss this high-energy, truly entertaining conversation with one of the best sales trainers and speakers in the building business.

Sales Solve Everything’s Roland Nairnsey

Join Quint as he sits down for a very entertaining, informative and enriching conversation with one of the leading experts in the new home sales industry.

Sales coach, motivator, author and speaker Roland Nairnsey joins BuilderRadio for this week’s Monday Morning Sales Meeting.

Roland has personally achieved over 500 million dollars in home sales and has spent nearly two decades successfully selling and managing new home sales. He has coached several sales teams to exceed customer expectations, and has generated yearly sales totaling well over a billion dollars.

Currently, Roland is a vital member of the Sales Solve Everything team, a unique new home sales training and consulting company offering a robust selection of continuing education classes specifically designed to help homebuilders generate results.

New Guest Host Quint Lears Speaks With BuilderRadio Veteran Scott Stroud

On this week’s Monday Morning Sales Meeting, BuilderRadio’s new Guest Host Quint Lears talks with BuilderRadio alumni Scott Stroud. Find out how Scott’s mentor introduced him to the concept of podcasting, why he feels driven to share his knowledge with other homebuilders and what the future holds. Longtime listeners and those new to BuilderRadio are sure to be educated, informed and entertained by Scott’s thoughtful comments.

Phil McShan, Forrest Performance Group

Building Your Personal Brand

Your company’s brand is what people think when they hear the name or see your sign. Your personal brand is what people think and say about you. People buy from people they like and trust, so your personal brand is really as or more important than that of the company because if they don’t connect with you, they will put on the brakes and look elsewhere. Listen to Podcast