late Jerry Rouleau

Getting to the Next Step in the Sales Process

Builders spend an appreciable amount of money to get leads in the door. Industry statistics suggest that the cost to get a ‘suspect’ – someone who may be interested but not yet qualified – into your model averages around $150, and could be much more. When those are filtered down to qualified leads, the amount becomes even more substantial. Yet, too many builders virtually throw that money away by failing to invest a relatively small additional amount in a good follow-up process. Listen to Podcast

Ross Robbins, The Homebuilder Coach

Sales Poetry -Use The ‘Discovery Quatrain’

Ross Robbins remembers a high school English teacher him a poetic device called a quatrain – a 4-line poem or verse. He’s taken that simple formula and applied it to the question/discovery process in selling, and calls it the  ‘discobery quatrain.’ What it means is that from the moment you meet a prospect, you’re only 4 questions away from getting to the next step in the sales process. Here, he explains the Sales Quatrain and how it works. Listen to Podcast

John Underwood, Selling Edge

Measure and Manage Your Sales Effectiveness

That which you manage begins to improve. That’s the underlying premise upon which sales consultant John Underwood bases his teaching strategy. Measure your activities and you can manage your results. In this interview Jerry Rouleau and I asked John why this is so important to both the sales organization and to individual salespeople. His answer was that anyone can improve sales by 50% or more if you watch, measure and manage your daily selling activities and concentrate on those tasks that produce sales. Listen to Podcast

Charles J. Clark III, of Charles Clark Consulting and author of the program Bulls, Owls, Lambs, and Tigers (BOLT)

Personality Selling: Connecting with your Prospect’s Buying Style

If you assume every prospect wants to be sold the way you would want to be sold, you’re missing up to 50% of your sales opportunities because of personality mismatches. This doesn’t have to happen; you can learn to identify and sell to personalities other than your own. Listen to Podcast

Jerry Costanzo of G. L. Costanzo and Associates

Staying in Touch With Your Buyers

One of the biggest challenges that all salespeople face is figuring out how to spend our time in front of buyers and not just ‘shoppers.’ This week’s guest, Jerry Costanzo of G. L. Costanzo and Associates, in Castle Rock, CO, has been a salesperson, a sales manager, and a sales consultant, and he teaches a simple and effective method that will help you spend your time where the money is. Listen to Podcast

Paul Foresman, from DesignBasics

How ‘Woman-Centric’ Designs Help Sell Homes

This week we’ll hear from design expert Paul Foresman, from DesignBasics, the nation’s leading plan supplier to new home builders. Their research has led a deeper understanding of what women – the primary decision maker in the new home purchase – flip for in new homes. If you make your plans woman-centric, says Paul, your homes will stand out as being more desirable and you’ll have a much better chance of closing the sale. Listen to the podcast, then read online or download the PDF transcript. Listen to Podcast