Service Certainty, The Secrets To Customer Loyalty

Debut of Service Certainty, a new book on customer loyalty for the homebuilding industry, will revolutionize how builders approach customer service and build business

 Co-authors Paul Cardis and Jason Forrest reveal industry secrets, strategies, and solutions that will help create high customer loyalty and success for homebuilders.

 Madison, Wis. – (December 13, 2016) – Paul Cardis, founder of Avid Ratings, a leading research and consulting firm in the homebuilding industry, and Jason Forrest of Forrest Performance Group (FPG), a leading authority in creating high-performance sales cultures, announced today the release of their new book, Service CertaintyThe Secret to Creating Customer Loyalty. 

 As customer loyalty in the homebuilding industry becomes more important than ever before, verifying operational excellence through honest evaluations of customers’ experiences will be key to homebuilders’ success. This book will help change the very core of how builders do business, help them create long-lasting customer loyalty through a series of best practices, and help them learn how to make customers happy and brand-loyal in a competitive landscape.

 “Paul’s and my combined decades of experience help provide an understanding on what it takes to make customers truly happy,” said co-author Forrest. “Our experience has also taught us that the most complex problems often have simple solutions.  The book addresses the psychology of customer loyalty because happiness is in the mind. We want the reader to come away with a deeper understanding of how happiness works and how it helps drive customer loyalty.”

The 100-page book features best practices for each step of the buying process and customer service, including “Get Your Mind Right About Customer Service” and “Define Brand from the Inside Out”.  Each chapter of the book illustrates to readers how to lead the sales process in a way that gives reassurance to buyers, creates loyal customers, and makes customers happy through operational excellence in organic and authentic ways. In addition, each chapter demonstrates how to deliver great customer experience by hiring people that fit with the culture, while training them for success, among other key ways to revolutionize the approach to customer service.

“Buying a home is one of an individual’s or family’s most critical life decisions, and the sale can take up to a year,” said co-author Cardis. “The homebuilder who successfully cultivates service certainty ends up with committed and deeply loyal buyers who naturally express that loyalty through high survey scores, positive customer reviews, and frequent referrals.”

The book represents the knowledge both authors have gained from years of successfully working in the homebuilding industry to improve business and customer service. Cardis has worked with the industry’s leading homebuilders to measure the customer experience and transform low customer experience scores into high scores, while Forrest’s experience has helped homebuilders gain a greater understanding of what works on a cultural level to affect change, and to rethink, recondition, and redefine for success. Although they differ in areas of expertise, Cardis and Forrest have a shared vision for solving the issue of customer loyalty. Their backgrounds in strategy, coupled with research, provide a winning combination for readers of the book.

Service Certainty, The Secret to Creating Customer Loyalty is available for purchase and download through Avid Ratings ( or through Forrest Performance Group (

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