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What Is More Important Than A Dozen Model Homes?

I subscribe to many different blogs, but the one that I look forward to most is Elliot Eisenberg’s. Dr. Eisenberg is the former Senior Economist with the National Association of Home Builders in Washington, D.C. and he always provides valuable, up-to-the-minute information as well as informative topics that make you think.

Recently, Elliot pointed out something very interesting all homebuilders should keep in mind:

  • Throughout 2015 about 500,000 households that went into foreclosure or were forced into a short sale in 2007, if they did their due diligence repairing their credit, will once again be able to qualify for a home loan.
  • This pool of buyers will increase to over 7 million between now and 2022, with the biggest spike being between 2016 through 2019.

Great news for the Real Estate Industry; we all know we could use some of that! It looks like we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but is your home building business prepared to capitalize on this information?

How Can Your Business Rise From The Ashes Of The Recession?

brian-flook2Today’s building landscape is much different than it was a decade ago. Builders need to gravitate towards a new way of thinking, strategizing and marketing in order to prosper from the opportunities coming our way.

With that being said, let’s break down the various marketing channels you must incorporate into your business or risk missing your piece of the pie. In this article we discuss the first component needed to generate more traffic to your sales center—your homebuilding website.

Building Your Website Is More Important Than Building Your Model Home 

The above statement may have sounded ridiculous a decade ago, but in today’s builder market it’s an undisputed fact. You’re in the industry, certainly you’re aware that 90% of your new home prospects begin their search online. When they visit your website, and it doesn’t clearly provide all the information they seek, trust me, they will move on to the competition.

Your website needs to be user friendly, authoritative, informative and, believe it or not, entertaining. Buyers feel more secure about your product when they realize you’ve taken the time and effort to put your best foot forward.

Highlighting images, videos and floor plans of your properties is crucial, but one of the most important techniques that will keep buyers on your website from is something very few builders put into practice— client testimonials!

The average homebuyer will consult at least 11 consumer reviews regarding your business before taking that vital step of scheduling a visit or requesting more information. Make their research easier by providing owner referrals right there on your site!

Take some time and take a serious, unbiased look at your current website. How does it compare to the competition? Is it easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye? Are you providing all the pertinent information a homebuyer requires? Do you have customer testimonials strategically placed throughout the site as constant presence of how happy your homeowners are? Is your site mobile friendly, meaning it is easily viewable on cell phones, iPads and tablets?

Does your homebuilding business need a new website? Feel free to contact me directly at 301.416.7861 and I will be happy to perform a no obligation review of your current site. It never hurts to have a fresh set of unbiased eyes review what you’re presenting to the general public.

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